The Beginners

Expect to sweat during the lesson but after you will feel sweetly tired, calm and happy!


by Petra Danhelova

The first step: come today! No booking – the studio is spacious!
Get at least 20 minutes before the lesson begins.

Women’s clothing: leggings, vest, sports bra
Men’s Clothing: Swimsuits with a briefcase or comfortable shorts
You need: 2 bath towels, a yoga mat, a large bottle of water (in the studio it is possible to rent a yoga mat and towel, water to buy).
During the day, hydrate well (at least 2-3 liters of fluid) and do not eat 2 hours before the lesson.

If you are going to practice the morning lesson, do some little breakfast on time!

Expect to sweat during the lesson, but after you will feel sweetly tired, calm and happy!

Our goal is to create a pleasant and entertaining atmosphere in the lesson, to encourage you and to safely develop your body and soul. Each lesson is also suitable for a full-time beginner, regardless of age, flexibility of body or level of experience with yoga. Just come to the lesson and practice as best you can, just and only according to your own choices!
On the first visit to the studio, arrive at the latest 20 minutes before the beginning of the lesson – fill in the registration form and the instructor will provide you with basic information about the studio and lesson.
Experienced instructors can evaluate your options and lead you with lessons to suit your needs. In case of any doubts, please do not hesitate to ask. It is possible to ask before or after a lesson. /only the instructor speaks during the lesson so that clients can concentrate on themselves/.


It is important to choose the style of yoga that suits us and where we will feel great.
Practicing yoga in a student-led studio can motivate you more, and the instructor can also point you to any bad habits in your practice. Exercise at home does not match practice under study conditions.

The beginning of exercise is always challenging. You may be surprised by the temperature in the room, no one wants you to practice the whole series right for the first time.
It is important to stay the whole lesson in the room, you can start slowly, sit down for a moment and relax and then rejoin the exercise.
It is important to learn to breathe slowly, then calm down and get used to the temperature.

Hot Yoga by Petra Danhela should be practiced without major breaks to make your practice effective.
Regular practice, discipline and honest effort can enhance the balance of the entire body system.
Hot Yoga by Petra Danhel will help you heal your body, calm your mind and restore your life.
If you ask how to get the most out of yoga effects, we recommend practicing at least 10 lessons within 30 days.
The rule is the more frequent your practice is the faster and more efficient the results are. If your duties do not allow you practic more than once a week, better once than never!

In 90 minutes of yoga, your body burns up to 1200 calories.

Yes, if you have already practiced Hot Yoga by Peter Danhel before you got pregnant.
We recommend practicing from the 3rd month of pregnancy. It is sufficient to arrange a meeting and an experienced instructor will explain to you the modifications of poses for pregnant women.

Perception of human flexibility is the main obstacle why people are afraid to trying yoga! Yoga is not about whether you are flexible!
By regular practice, you will get your full body balanced. It is about achieving 100% health benefits, in each pose according to your possibilities!

In yoga sometimes we tend to create worries by believing that we shall practice just like the person next to us.
We ignore our naturalness and during the practice we all get to the point of the limits of our movement range.
In each of our bodies there is a border in all poses, beyond which the limitation is not caused by the muscles anymore, but by the joints. As soon as there is a bone-level constraint, we have to accept ourselves as we are. The pressure constraint is different for each of us, that’s why we are unique.
We cause SUFFERING in our lives, when we want to change, what we can’t change, when we don’t believe, that we are good the way we are.

Yoga is also an exercise of attention. During exercises we fully focus on the present moment and on the instructions of the instructor.
Once your mind starts to roam and you start to think (what to cook for dinner, a good business meeting, etc.), it is important to bring the attention back to practice.
It is important to concentrate attention on your breath and on a specific part of your body. Do not try to lead your breathing!

Yoga brings balance and harmony between body, mind and soul. It is also recommended as a rehabilitation method.
Yoga can help you if: you have migraines, or a stressful or sedentary job, or back pain, or menopause problems, or just want to lose weight and have more energy.
Yoga is also suitable as a compensation for unilateral loading of athletes.
Excellent for dancers and athletes, hockey, football, golf, marathon, boxing, cycling, figure skating.

During heat in the yoga we stretch and compress for certain time the individual parts of the body, temporarily stopping the blood and oxygen supply in these places.
The subsequent release of oxygenated blood floods the defective parts of the body, rinsig out toxins and regenerating the body.

Practicing yoga in the heat allows us to get in the yoga pose more fluidly, safly and deeper.
You’ll get where you never hope you could.
The body becomes much more flexible as it doesn‘t cool down by surroundings.
Heart rate is accelerating, yoga is becoming a cardiovascular exercise.
It improves blood circulation and oxygenation of the whole organism.
Through sweating, the body (and internal organs) is detoxified.
The heat opens the pores, cleanses the skin and cleanses the lungs. Because it is practiced in a heated room, the will is getting fixed.


The lesson starts exactly at the specified time, if you come late and miss the first exercises, your practice and the practice of the other clients is already impaired.
If you have had a busy day, we recommend that you use before taking a shower, or use a gentle underarm deodorant.

All personal belongings remain in the locker room, in the hall you only need a mat, towel, water, a locker key and in a good mood ☺
Cell phones please leave in your locker.
Valuables can be stored at the reception.
In the hall follow the complete peace and do not disturb others in their relaxation.
If you want a mat to lay on the favorite spot in the hall, we ask for silent action!
Noise when extracting or laying the pads disturbs clients, who already relax before lessons.

It is very important to stay in the room throughout the lesson (60 – 90 minutes) – your body gets used to the heat and you’ll be better able to concentrate.
Beginners need not have to worry about they can during the lesson, sit down, relax, and then go back to exercise.
In a lesson talking only instructor.
If you have questions, we will answer them before or after the lesson, alternatively you can contact us.

We ask for a quiet exit from the hall, please respect the peace and relaxation of others.
Consider others and take a shower a maximum of 2 – 3 minutes.


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